Dr. Joe Arreola, D.C.

Dr. Joe Arreola D.C.


Born with an entrepreneurial mind and a desire to help others, Dr Joe started his first business at the age of nine. The business was a lawn mowing business with his brother Will and childhood friend John.  Although far removed from the days of mowing the neighborhood lawns and enjoying a time when 5 dollars was enough for three kids to go out for lunch , Dr Joe’s hard work ethic continues. He has since traded in his lawn mower and has become the top wellness consultant in his area. His success has also lead him to co-own a chiropractic clinic and three fitness centers. Always a believer in hands- on work, he is continually trying to improve on his skills and is driven to help others and give his patients/ clients the best results possible.

Dr Joe has changed the lives of many people and has motivated thousands of individuals to be healthier. His #1 fan and his motivation to stay strong is his beautiful nine-year old daughter. They love to ride bikes , go rock climbing , play hide-and-go seek and go rollerblading. He is a devoted father and loves to spend as much time as possible with his daughter. She too loves her dad and can be found cheering him on as he tries to keep up with his younger brother, Daniel when participating in Zombie Runs and the Tough Mudders.

As CEO of eStrength and Fitness , having been in practice as a Chiropractor for nearly 10 years and co-owning/ operating three local gyms for over half a decade, Dr. Joe is going to use his long standing business sense and his outside the box, no b.s way of practice to give you the best fitness product available on the market and get you in the healthiest shape of your life ..