Training Studios

Welcome to eStrength and Fitness Training Studio where we train you for whatever life throws at you. Whether you are a cop jumping a fence, a fire fighter clearing debris to save someone, an athlete running for glory, a mother bringing in heavy groceries or a father picking up his kids. This is what we train and live for! You will work hard and be pushed everyday to achieve your optimal fitness level. The owners are the trainers at eStrength and Fitness and they bring a passion to the table that is unmatched by other gyms. They are there to guide you through each class and are committed to helping you achieve a fitness level you may have thought was not possible.

Classes are only 30 minutes and that’s all you need. We train smarter not longer!  Everything we do here you will be able to do for the rest of your life. We offer true eternal strength and fitness. We test out and make sure each workout is safe, efficient, and will not do any damage to your body long term or short. You will be training with kettlebells, medicine balls, kegs, ropes, logs, stones, and numerous other fun training tools. Forget about walking into a gym where you are just another number and walk out feeling unfulfilled.

In either our small classes or a group personal training session, you will learn to move differently, unify muscle groups, and discover your true abilities. You will quickly discover the sense of community felt here at eSF. Come find out what our existing clients already know; you always leave eStrength feeling empowered and with a smile on your face! Call now or register above for a FREE week at our training studio!




2906 Marketplace Dr. Ste. B Fitchburg, WI 53719

Phone: (608) 774- 5594